CAACB Projects

CAACB sponsors collaborative research activities and initiatives to promote  a better understanding of ways to address adventitious agent contamination. 

This project aims to develop a handbook to guide the biotechnology industry in preparing for, and responding to, any future global pandemics.

This project involves performing a comprehensive assessment of viral risk to CHO cells, leveraging the industry’s decades of experience, and using that exercise to establish a framework to guide companies in assessing the viral risks to new and emerging cell lines.

The goal of the project is to assess if, and in what situations, NGS may be appropriate as a replacement for in vivo virus assays.

CAACB addresses the high impact of viral contaminations through a project designed to uncover trends in the field.

CAACB Completed Projects

CAACB has three sub-projects on methods of treating media to remove or inactivate potential viruses.

This project helped to clarify and reach consensus on regulatory guidance for best approaches to facility segregation.

This project has developed a Virus Contamination Risk Assessment and Risk Control handbook as well as performed a risk assessment on a model process.

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