About CBI

We improve global health through collaboration.

MIT’s Center for Biomedical Innovation (CBI) has a mission of improving global health by overcoming obstacles to the development and implementation of biomedical innovation.  CBI integrates the Institute’s technical, scientific, and management expertise to solve complex biopharmaceutical challenges and improve the impact of biomedical innovation on society. CBI leads multidisciplinary research and educational initiatives with real world impact, and is exploring how cross-stakeholder collaboration can be most effective. CBI is funded through industry consortia, international and national government grants, and foundations. CBI supports staff, students, outreach, research, and educational activities at MIT.

CBI provides a safe and transparent environment for collaborative research between industry, academia, and government, and draws on the expertise of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Schools of Engineering and Science, the Schwarzman College of Computing, and the Sloan School of Management.



CBI brings together stakeholders from across the healthcare value chain including biopharmaceutical developers, manufacturers, suppliers to the industry, patient advocacy groups, regulators, clinicians, providers, and academic researchers, to collaborateinnovate and educate to improve global health.