BioMAN Workstreams & Projects

We explore science, technology, business, and policy issues related to our biomanufacturing workstreams and define collaborative research projects that advance the field.


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Biomanufacturing Challenges for Cell and Gene Therapy Products

Cell and gene therapies have great potential but face significant manufacturing challenges. BioMAN activities are exploring the current state of the art as well as new technologies and solutions to meet these challenges.
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Data Analytics in

BioMAN is exploring the application of advanced analytics to the process of manufacturing biotherapeutics with the expected benefit of improving efficiency and reducing the time and effort needed to produce high-quality products.
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Product Quality Control in Biomanufacturing

BioMAN is exploring new technologies and approaches to measurement and control of critical quality attributes for recombinant proteins, cell and gene therapies, and vaccines.
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Vaccines are critically important for human health and the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted both challenges and opportunities.  BioMAN is exploring technology and policy innovations in vaccine modalities, manufacturing platforms, formulation, and distribution.


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Competency Model for Biomanufacturing Data Scientists

BioMAN members are collaborating to define the competency requirements for data scientists in biomanufacturing. This model can be used to facilitate curriculum development in academic institutions and guide development of training programs in industry.

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Aggregation of Raw Material Data for Predictive Analysis in Biomanufacturing

This project demonstrates the value of multi-company collaboration in application of data analytics to aggregated raw material data, using appropriate case studies.

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