Biomanufacturing@MIT-CBI helps educate the next generation of leaders in biomanufacturing.

Principals of Biomanufacturing

Online Course: Principles of Biomanufacturing – Using Biotechnology to Manufacture Medicines

MIT CBI has created a six-week online course, offered on MIT xPro to enable students to develop an integrated understanding of how biopharmaceuticals are manufactured.

vials of vaccine and syringe

In collaboration with University College London’s MBI Industrial Training Programme, we hold an annual Vaccines Bioprocess Development & Commercialization Workshop.

dark blue background with pink cells filling the left side moving toward the middle, an orange arrow pointing towards a grey person outline on the right with the edX logo below it all

In collaboration with Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Bristol Myers Squibb, Unum Therapeutics, and Vericel, we have created a set of complimentary courses, both online and in person, to teach the fundamentals of manufacturing cell therapies. 

Biomanufacturing equipment

This half-semester residential course at MIT examines how biopharmaceuticals, an increasingly important class of pharmaceuticals, are manufactured.

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