10.03/7.458 Advances in Biomanufacturing


This half-semester residential course at MIT examines how biopharmaceuticals, an increasingly important class of pharmaceuticals, are manufactured. Topics covered range from fundamental bioprocesses to new technologies to the economics of biomanufacturing. This course also covers the impact of globalization on regulation and quality approaches as well as supply chain integrity. Lectures are integrated with a tailored version of the Online Course: Principles of Biomanufacturing – Using Biotechnology to Manufacture Medicines. The online component connects biomanufacturing to real world applications by teaching the necessary fundamentals, interviewing subject matter experts, and looking at real pieces of biomanufacturing equipment in action to learn about real-world engineering challenges.



Prof. J. Christopher Love
(Chemical Engineering) 

Prof. Anthony Sinskey

Dr. Stacy L. Springs
(Center for Biomedical Innovation)

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