BioMAN Events


All events held at MIT unless otherwise noted.
January 28, 2016
Washington, DC
Steps Towards Developing a CASSS Global Health Initiative Workshop presented through a collaboration between MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation and CASSS Read More
November 18-19, 2015
Cambridge, MA
CBI’s BioMAN Program Hosts its 7th Annual Biomanufacturing Summit: Cell and Gene Therapy Products: Meeting the Biomanufacturing Challenges Read More
September 11, 2015
Cambridge, MA
BioMAN Working Group: Making Transformative Change in Biomanufacturing
June 23-25, 2015
Cambridge, MA
2015 Vaccines Bioprocess Development & Commercialization Workshop explores the critical issues at the various stages of vaccine development. International experts with over 10 years’ experience in their field will lead delegates in developing their understanding in the research, operational and regulatory challenges of the vaccine market. In addition to expert lectures and excellent networking opportunities with your peers, one case study will be conducted during the workshop about manufacturing at-risk with real examples from the influenza manufacturing process. Click Here for Workshop Information
June 5, 2015
Washington, DC
MassBio: Making the Connection: Biomanufacturing & Supporting Resources in Massachusetts. Speakers include: Jay Ash, Secretary of Housing & Economic Development for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Learn more and register here.
January 27, 2015
Washington, DC
Continue the Conversation from the 2014 BioMAN Summit at WCBP’s 19th Symposium Workshop on Real Time Release: The Path to Efficient Supply of High Quality Biopharmaceuticals Continuation of a Community Discussion. Speakers will include: Jeffrey Baker, CDER, FDA, John Frenz, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, J. Christopher Love, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yuan Xu, Gilead. Click Here for Workshop Description.
November 14, 2014 CBI & CASSS (An International Separation Science Society) Host the 2014 BioMAN Summit: Real Time Release: The Path to Efficient Supply of High Quality Biopharmaceuticals? Read More
October 1, 2013 CBI & Global Biological Standards Institute (GBSI) Host the 2013 Biotechnology & Standards Conference: The Prospects for a Life Sciences Revolution Read More
July 31, 2013 BioMAN Working Group: Cell Engineering and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
June 11-12, 2013 BioMAN and the Consortium on Adventitious Agent Contamination in Biomanufacturing initiatives presented at the Annual Bio-Manufacturing & Process Innovation Leaders Summit in Boston. Dr. Stacy L. Springs, Director of BioMAN and Executive Director of the Consortium on Adventitious Agent Contamination in Biomanufacturing (CAACB) presented Leveraging Collaborative Innovation: The BioMAN Program and Consortium on Adventitious Agent Contamination in Biomanufacturing.
April 29, 2013 BioMAN Working Group: Training the Scientist/Engineer for the Future of Biomanufacturing
November 15, 2012 CBI’s BioMAN Program Hosts its 5th Annual Summit: The Impact of Biosimilars and Biobetters on Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Read more
April 5, 2012 BioMAN Member Meeting: Issues in Regulatory Science
November 18, 2011 CBI’s BioMAN Program Hosts its 4th Annual Summit:
Implementing Innovation in Biomanufacturing
Read more
July 21, 2011 BioMAN Member Meeting
November 17, 2010 CBI’s BioMAN Program Hosts its 3rd Annual Summit:
A Summit to Manage Risk in Biomanufacturing
Read more
June 30, 2010 BioMAN Member Meeting
November 5, 2009 CBI’s BioMAN Program Hosts its 2nd Annual Summit:
MIT Future of Biomanufacturing: Streamlining Biopharmaceutical Development
Read more
October 23, 2008 CBI’s BioMAN Program Hosts its Inaugural Summit:
Future Visions of Biomanufacturing
August 12, 2008 BioMAN Working Group: Future Visions of Biomanufacturing II
March 21, 2008 BioMAN Working Group: Future Visions of Biomanufacturing I
January 15, 2008 BioMAN Working Group: Sensors for Bioprocessing


CBI’s BioMAN Program Featured in the MIT technology review‘s “Why is Biomanufacturing So Hard?” The article discusses the challenges faced by the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry and how Professor J. Christopher Love and CBI’s BioMAN Program are addressing these challenges. (July 15, 2011)

CBI’s BioMAN Program Announces a Collaboration with the Amgen Foundation (June 3, 2014): Click here for MIT’s press release.
CBI’s BioMAN Team Receives $10.4M to Develop Rapid Biomanufacturing Technology for Battlefield Medical Supply (Sept 18, 2013) Click here for MIT’s press release.
CBI’s BioMAN Program Wins Grant from Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. (March 2010)
The BioMAN Program received a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to examine the effect of globalization on regulatory compliance for biopharmaceutical product manufacturing, the behavior of manufacturing firms in this environment, and the impact of FDA policy on biopharmaceutical manufacturing regulatory performance.

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