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Biotechnology in the Age of COVID-19 Webinar: Manufacturing Treatments and Vaccines for COVID-19

The biopharmaceutical industry is urgently developing treatments and vaccines for COVID-19. A broad range of activities are underway such asrepurposing existing drugs, producing new medicines utilizing existing manufacturing platforms, and developing novel modalities and manufacturing approaches.  The pandemic poses unique challenges to these efforts as the urgent need for these therapies leads to accelerated timelines for process and product development, the requirement to plan for greatly-expanded manufacturing capacity for any successful COVID-19 therapeutic, and the need to ensure global supply of medicines required to combat a highly-contagious disease. Simultaneously, companies must also maintain production of their other medically-necessary drugs. The BioMAN and CAACB consortia at MIT’s Center for Biomedical Innovation are hosting a webinar which will feature presentations from companies developing these urgently-needed therapeutics.


Jun 10 2020


Online Event