Dr. Stacy Springs is the Executive Director at the MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation (CBI).  The Center integrates the Institute’s technical, scientific, and management expertise to solve complex biopharmaceutical challenges.  CBI leads multi-stakeholder, multidisciplinary research and educational initiatives with real world impact, including MIT’s Biomanufacturing Consortium, (BioMAN), and it’s Consortium on Adventitious Agent Contamination in Biomanufacturing, (CAACB).  Dr. Springs is a principle investigator on several research programs in biologics manufacturing, from application of data analytics and PAT in the continuous production of monoclonal antibodies, viral vectors and vaccines, to development of innovative rapid sterility tests and new approaches to adventitious agent contamination through long read sequencing.  Dr. Springs is part of the leadership of SMART CAMP, an interdisciplinary research group focused on Critical Analytics for Manufacturing Personalized-Medicine at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) and serves as the Chair of Landmark Bio’s Science and Technology Committee. 

Dr. Springs’ research interests include biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing, risk management, regulatory and translational science and food safety and food supply chains.  She holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin and gained postdoctoral training in protein and biophysical chemistry at Princeton University.

Select Publications

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