CBI’s BioMAN Featured in the MIT Technology Review’s Why is Biomanufacturing So Hard? The article discusses the challenges faced by the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry and how Professor J. Christopher Love and CBI’s BioMAN Program are addressing these challenges. (July 15, 2011)
CBI’s BioMAN Announces a Collaboration with the Amgen Foundation (June 3, 2014): Click here for MIT’s press release
CBI’s BioMAN Team Receives $10.4M to Develop Rapid Biomanufacturing Technology for Battlefield Medical Supply (Sept 18, 2013) Click here for MIT’s press release
CBI’s BioMAN Wins Grant from Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. (March 2010)
The BioMAN Program received a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to examine the effect of globalization on regulatory compliance for biopharmaceutical product manufacturing, the behavior of manufacturing firms in this environment, and the impact of FDA policy on biopharmaceutical manufacturing regulatory performance.