Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology – Critical Analytics for Manufacturing Personalized Medicines (SMART CAMP)

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Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology – Critical Analytics for Manufacturing Personalized-Medicines (SMART CAMP)


SMART CAMP is addressing key challenges in the manufacture of personalized cell therapies for patients – identifying the critical quality attributes of a cell which contribute to its therapeutic safety and efficacy, and rapidly monitoring and controlling these attributes to improve the ability to manufacture these medicines. Two of SMART CAMP’s Flagship Projects are 1) identifying critical quality attributes for product potency and efficacy in multiple cell types;  and 2) developing novel process analytical technologies to assess these attributes. The second Flagship, co-led by Dr. Stacy Springs, is developing novel analytical technologies for rapid assessment of adventitious agent contamination to improve the safety of cell therapy products. 



  • Singapore National Research Foundation  



MIT Founding Co-Lead Principal Investigator 

Prof. Krystyn Van Vliet
(Biological Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering) 

MIT Flagship Co-Captains 

Prof. Jongyoon Han
(Biological Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)  

Prof. Rajeev Ram
(Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)  

Dr. Stacy L. Springs
(Center for Biomedical Innovation) 

MIT Principal Investigators: 

Prof. George Barbastathis
(Mechanical Engineering) 

Asst. Prof. Michael Birnbaum
(Biological Engineering, also on CAMP Council)  

Assoc. Prof. Laurie Boyer
(Biology, Biological Engineering, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research)  

Prof. Patrick Doyle
(Chemical Engineering) 

Prof. Nicholas Fang
(Mechanical Engineering) 

Assoc. Prof. A. John Hart
(Mechanical Engineering) 

Prof. Timothy K. Lu
(Biological Engineering, Center for Synthetic Biology, Broad Institute) 

Prof. Peter So
(Biological Engineering, Mechanical Engineering) 

Prof. Michael Strano
(Chemical Engineering) 

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