Biomanufacturing@MIT-CBI collaborates with academics, government sponsors, and industry partners  to perform cutting-edge research. Our areas of interest include: continuous manufacturing, advanced control systems, process analytical technologies (PAT), viral safety, and advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs).

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Continuous Cell Culture for Viral Vaccines

CBI and MIT faculty are addressing vaccine manufacturing challenges by using mechanistic models to collaboratively develop, with Merck & Co., MassBiologics, and Repligen, a continuous production for viral vaccines.

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Continuous Viral Vector Manufacturing Based on Mechanistic Modeling and Novel Process Analytics

CBI and MIT faculty are developing continuous manufacturing approaches to meet the growing demand for viral vector gene therapies based on mechanistic modelling and novel analytical technologies.

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Flexible Platform for End-to-end Manufacturing of Gene Therapies to Advance Development of Treatments for Ultra-rare Diseases

CBI and MIT faculty are developing an easy-to-use, low-cost platform that will enable manufacturing of small quantities of AAV gene therapy drug product to accelerate the development of treatments for ultra-rare diseases. 

Icon for Impact of PAT and Rapid Testing - Y shaped lines with a line of other shapes coming off of the right of it

Impact of Novel PAT and Rapid Testing on Continually Produced Protein

CBI and MIT faculty are developing novel PAT for real-time assessment of protein quality and rapid methods to assess viral contamination in continuous manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies.

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Microbiological Contamination Events in Cell Therapy Manufacturing 

This project will gather information on microbiological contamination events encountered during cell therapy manufacturing from industry, academic, and governmental organizations. The goal of this international collaborative effort is to develop a resource that can be used by practitioners to inform adventitious agent risk mitigation strategies and facilitate the development of rapid adventitious agent detection platforms that will enable the timely delivery of safe cell therapy product to patients. 

Icon for model predictive control for improved product quality - a computer screen with a line graph and the cell culture icon with arrows going between them in a circular fashion

Model Predictive Control for Improved Product Quality in the Production of Viral Vectors

CBI is developing a mechanistic understanding of viral vector production and purification to enable the development of novel manufacturing control strategies and purification approaches.

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Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology – Critical Analytics for Manufacturing Personalized-Medicines (SMART CAMP)

CBI is a part of SMART CAMP, an international research effort focused on developing the analytical tools and biological understanding of cell therapy critical quality attributes that will enable the manufacture and delivery of improved cell therapies to patients.

Icon for smart data analytics - a globe with a laboratory with cell cultures on the left, an arrow pointing out of it to the right to four medicine vials

Smart Data Analytics for Risk Based Regulatory Science and Bioprocessing Decisions

CBI and MIT faculty are developing new approaches for using data sources and data analytics in biomanufacturing to better inform operational models and regulatory decision-making.

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