Making a Cell Therapy: Principles and Practice of Manufacturing


Making a Cell Therapy: Principles and Practice of Manufacturing


Given the clinical successes with cell therapies, such as the recent licensing approvals of CART products, there is a growing need for a well-trained workforce to deliver these lifesaving therapies. The development of an online resource that teaches important fundamental concepts, which is also tied to a hands-on training component, will accelerate the training at all levels of the cell therapy manufacturing workforce and decrease the resources required to bring new hires up to speed. Additionally, this type of blended learning environment modernizes learning such that the online component of the training will “immortalize” concepts so that they are available on demand, either to train individuals as they are hired or for reviewing important concepts as needed.

The course launches February 23rd, 2021.  Enroll HERE!!   



  • Massachusetts Life Science Center (MLSC)
  • National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL)



Prof. Krystyn Van Vliet
(Biological Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering) 

Dr. Paul W. Barone
(Center for Biomedical Innovation) 

Betsy Skrip
(Center for Biomedical Innovation) 

Dr. Stacy L. Springs
(Center for Biomedical Innovation) 

Dr. Jacqueline Wolfrum
(Center for Biomedical Innovation) 


  • Bristol Myers Squibb  
  • Unum Therapeutics 
  • Vericel 
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

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