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Job Title: Research Scientist

Position Title: Senior FoCUS Researcher

Position Overview:

MIT NEW Drug Development ParadIGmS (NEWDIGS) is a “think and do tank” dedicated to helping biomedical innovation benefit everyone faster and reliably. The new project FoCUS (Financing and Reimbursement of Cures in the US) will assemble teams of stakeholders (Target Area working Groups – TAGs) from industry, regulatory agencies, patient advocacy groups, and research universities to create and pilot innovative financing and reimbursement models for curative medicines to address three initial priorities: gene therapies, durable oncology treatments, and antibiotics.

Drawing on a background in translational medicine, the Sr FoCUS Researcher will conduct rigorous research to design and execute finance pilots; will develop and track success metrics; will ensure delivery deadlines; will participate in TAG meetings and design labs; will assist in pilot implementation and planning; and will rigorously evaluate and disseminate learnings broadly to inform implementation and scale up.  The Sr. FoCUS Researcher will report to the FoCUS Project Director and will supervise the work of other MIT researchers assigned to the project.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Working with the Project Director and TAGs, create and execute research designs that will appropriately address the needs of the modeling and simulation required to fulfill the TAG objectives
    • Conduct rigorous research to design finance pilots
    • Select, modify or create, as appropriate, the research modeling and simulation tools to enable the quantitative and qualitative analysis of a proposed pilot design
    • Generate the research plan ensuring the project’s strategic goals will be realized and the project is sized and scoped correctly
    • Will assist in pilot implementation and planning
    • Execute approved modeling and simulation plan
    • Develop criteria in to be used in support of proposed pilot design and parameter considerations
    • Rigorously evaluate pilots to inform implementation and scale up
  • Promptly communicate any and all issues related to the execution of the research plan, inclusive of mitigation strategies as appropriate, to FoCUS leadership and TAGs
    • Will develop and monitor success metrics
    • Will ensure delivery deadlines
    • Participate in FoCUS leadership team meetings
  • Prepare and deliver research details through oral presentations to small, medium and large audiences on an ad hoc basis, at major academic conferences, to nontechnical audiences, and at NEWDIGS Design Labs as necessary
    • Lead and participate in TAG meetings and design labs
  • Hire and oversee research performed by temporary workers, graduate students, and/or post docs
    • Ensure that proper resource scheduling results in timely delivery of work product
  • Create, review, and analyze complex data and findings; generate project documentation related to all aspects of pilot research plan
    • Create research publications from research findings
  • Work closely with key external stakeholders such as US and foreign government officials, academic collaborators, and staff at domestic and foreign industrial organizations to achieve FoCUS goals
  • Collaborate with MIT NEWDIGS team on budget, HR issues as necessary
  • Other duties as requested

Supervision Received:

FoCUS Program Director will provide direct supervision to the Sr. FoCUS Researcher

Supervision Exercised:

Sr. FoCUS Researcher will supervise junior researchers, including: Postdocs, student graduate research assistants, etc.


  • Minimum of Master’s Degree, PhD preferred in finance, health economics, pharmaceutical administration and marketing/pricing, biostatistics or other related fields
  • 7+ years’ experience planning and executing research projects involving modeling and simulation designs in the field of health economics and/or finance
  • 5+ years of management and team leadership experience
  • Proven experience in biomedical innovation and/or translational medicine; broad understanding of and interest in the current political and economic situation related to financing of curative therapies in the United States
  • Strong interest and background in working with postdocs and/or students preferred
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills; demonstrated publication history and experience presenting research at major academic conferences and to nontechnical audiences
  • Experience with basic office applications, statistics, and statistical programs (e.g., R, SPSS, Stata, or SAS)
  • Experience with large scale data analytics, image processing, machine learning, and data visualization desirable
  • Ability to work independently in a multidisciplinary team environment and across multiple projects
  • Must be team oriented and able to work with a range of stakeholders, outside of field of expertise


MIT NEW Drug Development ParadIGmS (NEWDIGS) is an international “think and do tank” dedicated to helping biomedical innovation benefit all healthcare stakeholders faster and reliably. NEWDIGS designs, evaluates, and initiates advancements that are too complex and cross-cutting to be addressed by a single organization or market sector. Its members include global leaders in academic research, product development, payers (public and private), regulation, biotechnology, and patient advocacy. For more information, visit http://newdigs.mit.edu .

About FoCUS

Medical research is making significant advances toward treatments that cure major diseases, but these treatments will often entail very high up-front costs.  This initiative targets the need for new innovative financing and reimbursement models for curative medicines in the US that ensure (1) patient access for needed treatments; (2) affordability for public and private payers; and (3) the sustainability of innovation by manufacturers.  FoCUS activities center on the design, rapid cycle prototyping, and piloting of financing and reimbursement models for curative therapies in the US, with launch of the first pilot targeted for 2017.  All pilots will be rigorously evaluated, and learnings will be disseminated broadly to inform implementation and scale up.  Initial priorities for action are: curative gene therapies, durable oncology treatments, and antibiotics.

TO APPLY: Go to https://careers.mit.edu/ and follow the instructions.  Job Number: 12947

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