graphic icon in green of a SARS virus cell

Modeling Manufacturing and Supply Logistics for Prospective SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines ​


The COVID-19 pandemic is imposing massive public health, social, and economic burdens, where no person and no place is left untouched.  Vaccination is one of the most viable options to protect against infection, reduce transmission, and end the pandemic.  However, given the global spread of COVID-19, and absence of any existing vaccines against coronaviruses, rapidly developing, manufacturing, supplying, and delivering vaccines globally presents significant challenges. With over 170+ candidate vaccines, many of which employ novel technologies, there is uncertainty around how to move safe, efficacious vaccines rapidly into commercial manufacture and, eventually, into patients. This project aims to develop data-driven statistical models to simulate realistic scenarios of manufacturing and supply operations in order to evaluate the economic implications and public health impact of realistic scenarios for vaccine production and distribution and to inform time-critical decisions.



Donovan Guttieres
(Center for Biomedical Innovation) 

Prof. Anthony J. Sinskey

Dr. Stacy L. Springs
(Center for Biomedical Innovation)  

MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab 

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