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Economic Evaluation of Manufacturing Options for the Global Supply of Biologic Therapies: Location-Dependent Costs and Risks


The relative impact of various design options and process changes on manufacturing cost has been elaborated in a number of papers, but there continues to be uncertainty as to the best use of resources, design of policies, and development of technologies that will have the most cost-effective impact on maximizing the supply of and access to biologics. Analytical and decision support tools are needed to help re-orient the biopharmaceutical industry in ways that meet future projected healthcare demand in terms of quantity, quality, and affordability. In this project, quantitative models are being built to allow users to simulate a broad range of design scenarios across geographies, test innovations, and analyze long-term financial and supply risks relative to global therapeutic need.




Dr. Paul W. Barone
(Center for Biomedical Innovation) 

Prof. Reuben Domike
(Brigham Young University) 

Dr. John Frenz
(Northeastern University) 

Donovan Guttieres
(Center for Biomedical Innovation) 

Prof. Emeritis William Hancock
(Northeastern University) 

Dr. James Leung
(Center for Biomedical Innovation) 

Prof. Anthony J. Sinskey
(MIT Biology) 

Dr. Stacy L. Springs
(Center for Biomedical Innovation) 


  • BioMarin 
  • Brigham Young University 
  • CASSS 
  • Northeastern University

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