Sanofi Biomedical Innovation Award Program Team

Alliance Management Team


Anthony J. Sinskey, ScD
Faculty Director; MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation
Professor of Biology and Health Sciences & Technology

Stacy Springs, PhD
Director, MIT – Sanofi Alliance
MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation


Annlouise Goodermuth, MBA
Associate Director, Alliance Management, Prospective and Strategic Initiatives

Sridaran Natesan, PhD
Vice President, External Innovation and Partnering, Research & Development (US Northeast)


Scientific Planning Committee

  • Paul August, PhD, Director and US Head of the Early to Candidate List, Sanofi
  • Roman Chicz, PhD, Head of External Research & Development, North America, sanofi-pasteur
  • Jean-Michel Culouscou, PhD, Head, Cell Biology & Pharmacology Laboratory, Exploratory Unit, Sanofi
  • Melvyn Hollis, PhD, Vice President, External Science & Innovation, Global Biotherapeutics, Sanofi
  • Paul Jansen, Global Head, Medical Device Development, Sanofi
  • James Lillie, PhD, Vice President, In Vitro Biology, Genzyme
  • Kenneth Maynard, PhD, Head, Unit Development Office, Aging, Therapeutic Strategic Unit, Sanofi
  • John Newton, Vice President and Global Head, Drug Disposition-Projects, Standards & Innovation; Scientific Site Director, Great Valley; Sanofi
  • Michael Perricone, PhD, Senior Scientific Director, Translational Medicine, Genzyme
  • Didier Pruneau, PhD, Head of Ophthalmology Drug Evaluation & Discovery, Sanofi
  • Venkat Reddy, PhD, Global Head of Target Discovery & Validation, Oncology Division, Sanofi
  • Susanta Sarkar, PhD, Oncology Translational & Medicine, Sanofi
  • Ulrich Stilz, PhD, Global Head of Innovation & External Networking, Diabetes Division, Sanofi
  • Bruce Wentworth, PhD, Senior Research Director, Genzyme
  • Rachel Yabkowitz, Senior Director, Fibrosis & Wound Repair, TSU, Sanofi


Joint Scientific Steering Committee

  • Leopold Bertea, Vice President, Biologics Center, Sanofi
  • Charles L. Cooney, PhD, Robert T. Haslam Professor of Chemical Engineering; Faculty Director, Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation, MIT
  • Maya Said, ScD, Vice President, Strategy, External Innovation & Science Policy, Global R&D, Sanofi
  • Phillip A. Sharp, PhD, Institute Professor, The David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, MIT


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