Sanofi Biomedical Innovation Award Program (saBIP)

Description of program

In 2010, Sanofi and CBI established a strategic alliance to advance knowledge in the area of human health through basic and applied research and to promote scientific exchange between academia and industry. The alliance provides Sanofi the opportunity to develop therapeutic, diagnostic and prognostic applications based on the discoveries made and MIT investigators the opportunity for funding and other translational resources for their research.

As part of the Alliance, Sanofi supports a number of activities at MIT, including a Biomedical Innovation Award Program managed by the MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation. These financial awards provide MIT researchers with focused, flexible and rapidly available funds for translational biomedical research. Calls for proposals happen twice a year. Please check back for 2013 RFP announcements.

Sanofi Biomedical Innovation Awards (January 2012)

Polina Anikeeva – Minimally Invasive Neural Stimulation for Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder
Michael J. Cima – Advanced Cancer Diagnostics
Hidde Ploegh – Sortase as a Tool to Study Flu Biogenesis
Ron Weiss – An Episomal Genetic Program for Automated Multi-step Transdifferentiation of Human Fibroblasts to Pancreatic Beta Cells

Sanofi Biomedical Innovation Awards (April 2011)

Peter Caravan & Anthony J. Sinskey – Noninvasive Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Fibrosis
Paula T. Hammond – Nanolayer Assemblies for Biologic Drug Release in Diabetic Ulcer Healing
Michael S. Strano – A Tissue Implantable Near Infrared Fluorescent Glucose Sensor for Continuous Glucose Monitoring based on Glucose Binding Protein/Carbon Nanotube Conjugates
Rajeev J. Ram & Anthony J. Sinskey – High-Throughput Tools for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Sanofi Biomedical Innovation Awards (October 2010)

Mehmet Fatih Yanik – High-Throughput in vivo Biologics on Animals Engineered with Human Xenografts
Alexander M. Klibanov – Lowering Viscosity of Concentrated Aqueous Protein Formulations
K. Dane Wittrup – Therapeutic Antibody Effector Function Engineering
Daniel S. Kohane & Robert S. Langer – Triggerable Drug Delivery for Prolonged Acute Pain and Chronic Pain