NEWDIGS Community

MIT Strategic Advisers

  • Deborah Ancona, PhD, Seley Distinguished Professor of Management; Professor of Organization Studies; Faculty Director, MIT Leadership Center
  • Ernst Brendt, PhD, Louis E. Seley Professor in Applied Economics, MIT Sloan School of Management; Co-director Biomedical Enterprise Program
  • Charles L. Cooney, PhD, Robert T. Haslam Professor of Chemical Engineering, MIT; Faculty Director, Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation
  • Elazer Edelman,MD, PhD, FACC, Thomas D & Virginia W Cabot Professor of HST, Health Sciences and Technology Program
  • Retsef Levi, PhD, J. Spencer Standish (1945) Professor of Management; Associate Professor of Operations Management
  • Andrew Lo, PhD Charles E. and Susan T. Harris Professor of Finance; Director, Laboratory for Financial Engineering
  • Ken Oye, PhD Associate Professor of Political Science and Engineering Systems, MIT
  • Ram Sasisekharan, PhD, Director, Harvard – MIT Health Sciences and Technology, Edward Hood Taplin Professor of Health Sciences & Technology and Biological Engineering, MIT
  • Phillip A. Sharp, PhD, Institute Professor, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, MIT
  • Anthony Sinskey, ScD, Faculty Director, CBI; Professor of Biology and Health Sciences and Technology, MIT

Affiliated Faculty and Researchers

  • Ramy Arnaout, MD, DPhil, Associate Director, Department of Pathology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  • Ernst Berndt PhD, MS, Louis E Seley Professor of Applied Economics,Sloan School of Management
  • Jeff Brown, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Population Medicine, Harvard Medical School
  • Chester Drum, MD, PhD, Director, Translational Medicine, CBI, MIT; Director, NEWDIGS-Asia
  • Judy Maro, PhD, MS, Research Affiliate,  Center for Biomedical Innovation, Research Fellow in the Department of Population Medicine at Harvard Medical School and the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute
  • Kenneth A. Oye, PhD, Associate Professor of Political Science and Engineering Systems; Co-Director, MIT Program on Emerging Technologies, MIT
  • Nitin R. Patel, PhD, Research Affiliate, MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation; Founder, Chairman, and Chief Technology Officer, Cytel Statistical Software and Services
  • G.K. Raju, PhD, CBI Distinguished Fellow; Chairman, CBI Biomanufacturing Steering Committee; Executive Director, MIT Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Initiative
  • Mark Trusheim, MS, Visiting Scientist, MIT Sloan School of Management; President, Co-Bio Consulting

Collaboration Partners


Program Development Office

Gigi Hirsch, MD
Executive Director, CBI and Program Director, NEWDIGS

Chester Drum, MD, PhD
Scientific Adviser
Director, Translational Medicine

Gagan Jain, PhD
Director, NEWDIGS Data Program

Kate Isaacs, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate

Magda Papadaki, PhD
Research Scientist

Rinske Wijtmans
Administrative Coordinator