Consortium Organizers

Paul Barone, PhD
Associate Director, CAACB
Associate Director, BioMAN Program, MIT CBI

James Leung, PhD
Lead Investigator, CAACB

Stacy Springs, PhD
Executive Director, CAACB
Director, BioMAN Program, MIT CBI

Michael E. Wiebe, PhD
Lead Investigator, CAACB
President and Founder, Quantum Consulting

Faculty Director

Anthony Sinskey, ScD
Faculty Director, CBI
Professor of Biology and Health Sciences and Technology, MIT


Industrial Members


CAACB Members


CAACB Advisory Board Members

Kurt Brorson, PhD
Staff Scientist, Division of Monoclonal Antibodies, CDER/FDA

Jim Gombold, PhD
Director, Testing Services, Charles River Laboratories

Raymond Nims, PhD
Sr. Consultant, RMC Pharma

Hannelore Willkommen, PhD
Directorate, RBS Consulting

Ruth Wolff, PhD
Director of Therapeutics, Biologics Consulting Group