BioMAN Resources

Chen Lab

    • Chen, Q, Khoury, M, Chen, J. 2009. Expression of human cytokine genes dramatically improves reconstitution of specific human blood lineage cells in humanized mice. Proc Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 106, 21783-21788.

Love Lab

    • Love, Kerry Routenberg; Panagiotou, Vasiliki; Jiang, Bo; et al. 2010. Integrated Single-Cell Analysis Shows Pichia pastoris Secretes Protein Stochastically. Biotechnology and Bioengineering. 106(2): 319-325.
    • Love, Kerry Routenberg; Politano, Timothy J.; Panagiotou, Vasiliki; et al. 2012. Systematic Single-Cell Analysis of Pichia pastoris Reveals Secretory Capacity Limits Productivity. Plos One. 7(6) e37915. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0037915
    • Ogunniyi, AO, Story, CM, Papa, E, Guillen, E. & Love, JC. 2009. Screening individual hybridomas by microengraving to discover monoclonal antibodies. Nat. Prot. 4: 767-782.
    • Song, Q, Han, Q, Bradshaw, EM, Kent, SC, Raddassi, K, Nilsson, B, Nepom, GT, Hafler, DA & Love, JC. 2010. On-chip activation and subsequent detection of individual antigen-specific T cells. Anal. Chem. 82: 473–477.
    • Story, CM, Papa, E, Hu, CA, Ronan, JL, Herlihy, K, Ploegh, HL & Love, JC. 2008. Profiling antibody responses by multiparametric analysis of single B cells. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A. 105: 17902-17907.

Ram/Sinskey Labs

    • Boccazzi, P, Zhang, Z, Kurosawa, K, Szita, N, Bhattacharya, S, Jensen, KF, Sinskey, AJ. Differential gene expression profiles in Saccharomyces cerevisiae grown in microliter-scale bioreactors equipped with internal stirring and real-time measurements of growth parameters. 2006. Biotechnology Progress 22(3): 710-716.
    • Boccazzi, P, Zanzotto, A, Szita, N, Bhattacharya, S, Jensen, KF, Sinskey, AJ. 2005. Gene expression analysis of Escherichia coli grown in miniaturized bioreactor platforms for high-thoughput analysis of growth and genomic data. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 68(4): 518-532.
    • Bower, Diana M.; Lee, Kevin S.; Ram, Rajeev J.; et al. 2012. Fed-batch microbioreactor platform for scale down and analysis of a plasmid DNA production process. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 109(8): 1976-1986.
    • Lee, Harry LT, Boccazzi, P, Gorret, N, Ram, RJ, Sinskey, AJ. 2004. In-situ bioprocess monitoring of Escherichia coli bioreactions using Raman spectroscopy. Vibrational Spectroscopy 35(1-2): 131-137.
    • Lee, Harry LT, Boccazzi, Paolo, Ram, Rajeev J. et al. 2006. Microbioreactor Arrays with Integrated Mixers and Fluid Injectors for High-Throughput Experimentation with pH and Dissolved Oxygen Control. Lab on a Chip, 6: 1229–1235.
    • Lee, Kevin S.; Boccazzi, Paolo; Sinskey, Anthony J.; et al. 2011. Microfluidic chemostat and turbidostat with flow rate, oxygen, and temperature control for dynamic continuous culture, Lab on a Chip, 11(10): 1730-1739.
    • Lee, KS, Lee, HLT, Ram, RJ. 2007. Optical Multiplexing of Multiple Fluorescence Sensors For Compact, Lab-On-A-Chip Systems. MicroTAS Conference.
    • Lee, KS, Lee, HLT, Ram, RJ. 2007. Polymer Waveguide Backplanes for Optical Sensor Interfaces in Microfluidics. Lab on a Chip, 7: 1539-1545.
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Strano Lab

    • Ahn, Jin-Ho; Kim, Jong-Ho; Reuel, Nigel F; et al. 2011. Label-Free, Single Protein Detection on a Near-Infrared Fluorescent Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube/Protein Microarray Fabricated by Cell-Free Synthesis. Nano Letters, 11(7): 2743-2752.
    • Heller, DA, Ahn, Jin-Ho, Martinez, BM, Miller, BM, Patel, D, Yeung, TK, Jena, PV, Höbartner, C, Ha, TJ, Silverman, SK, Strano, MS. 2009. Multi-modal optical sensing and analyte specificity via single-walled carbon nanotubes. Nature Nanotechnology, 4: 114-120.
    • Jeng, Esther S; Nelson, John D; Prather, Kristala LJ.; et al. 2010. Detection of a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Using Single-Walled Carbon-Nanotube Near-Infrared Fluorescence. Small, 6(1): 40-43.
    • Jin, Hong, Heller, DA, Kalbacova, M, Kim, J-H, Zhang, J, Boghossian, AA, Maheshri, N, Strano, MM. 2010. Detection of single-molecule H2O2 signaling from epidermal growth factor receptor using fluorescent single-walled carbon nanotubes. Nature Nanotechnology, 5: 302-309.
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    • Kim, Jong-Ho, Ahn, J-H et al. 2010. A Luciferase/Single-walled Carbon Nanotube Conjugate for Near-Infrared Fluorescent Detection of Cellular ATP. Angewante Chemie. 49(8): 1456-1459.
    • Kim Jong-Ho, Heller DA, Ahn, J-H, Barone PW, Song C, Zhang J, Trudel LJ, Wogan GN, Tannenbaum SR, Strano MS. 2009. The rational design of nitric oxide selectivity in single-walled carbon nanotube near-infrared fluorescence sensors for biological detection. Nature Chemistry, 1: 473-481.
    • Reul, Nigel F, Mu, B, Zhang, J, Hinckley, A, Strano, MS. 2012. Nanoengineered Glycan Sensors Enabling Native Glycoprofiling for Medicinal Applications: Towards Profiling Glycoproteins without Labeling or Liberation Steps. Chemical Society Review, 41: 5744-5779.
    • Reuel, Nigel F.; Ahn, J-H; Kim, J-H; et al. 2011. Transduction of Glycan-Lectin Binding Using Near-Infrared Fluorescent Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Glycan Profiling. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133(44): 17923-17933.
    • Yum, Kyungsuk; Ahn, J-H; McNicholas, TP; et al. 2012. Boronic Acid Library for Selective, Reversible Near-Infrared Fluorescence Quenching of Surfactant Suspended Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Response to Glucose. ACS Nano, 6(1): 819-830.

Voldman Lab

    • Kovac, JR, Voldman, J. 2007. Intuitive, Image-Based Cell Sorting Using Optofluidic Cell Sorting. Analytical Chemistry, 79, 9321-9330.
    • Vahey, MD; Voldman, J. 2009. High-Throughput Cell and Particle Characterization Using Isodielectric Separation. Analytical Chemistry, 81(7): 2446-2455.

Yanik Lab

  • Chang, Tsung-Yao; Pardo-Martin, Carlos; Allalou, Amin; et al. 2012. Fully automated cellular-resolution vertebrate screening platform with parallel animal processing. Lab on a Chip, 12 (4): 711-716.
  • Pardo-Martin, Carlos; Chang, Tsung-Yao; Koo, Bryan Kyo; et al. 2010. High-throughput in vivo vertebrate screening, Nature Methods7(8): 634-U46.
  • Rohde C, Angel M, Zeng F, Gonzalez R, Yanik MF. 2007. Microfluidic system for on-chip high-throughput whole-animal sorting and screening at subcellular resolution, Proc Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 104: 13891.
  • Zei F, Rohde C, Yanik MF. 2008. Sub-cellular precision on-chip small-animal immobilization, multi-photon imaging and femtosecond-laser manipulation, Lab on a Chip, 8: 653. Highlighted as HOT Article.
  • Zeng, Fei; Rohde, Christopher B.; Yanik Mehmet Fatih. 2008. Sub-cellular precision on-chip small-animal immobilization, multi-photon imaging and femtosecond-laser manipulation, Lab on a Chip, 8(5): 653-656.