2013 Biotechnology & Standards Conference Speaker: Tom Dedeurwaerdere

Tom Dedeurwaerdere
Professor; Director of the Biodiversity Governance (BIOGOV) Unit, Centre for the Philosophy of Law, Université catholique de Louvain
Co-author, ” Global Intellectual Property Strategies for the Microbal Commons” (forthcoming at Cambridge University Press)

Tom Dedeurwaerdere is Director of the Biodiversity Governance Unit of the Centre for the Philosophy of Law (http://biogov.cpdr.ucl.ac.be/) and professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, Université catholique de Louvain. He is a graduate in engineering and philosophy, with a PhD in the philosophy of science. He is participating in several EU FP7 projects and has been awarded a starting grant from the European Research Council (ERC) to develop a research group on governing of global genetic resource commons. He was also part of two major European projects in the field of governance of global public goods : the global public goods sub-network of the European REFGOV network (6th Framework Program) and the Communia network on the digital scientific research commons.

Recent publications include a special issue on the microbial research commons in Research in Microbiology 161(6) and a special issue on international regulation of the global microbial commons in International Journal of the Commons 4(1). He has prepared two edited volumes, at Oxford University Press and MIT Press respectively, on the governance of global environmental commons. In the field of Intellectual Property Rights, he is currently preparing a monograph with professor Jerome Reichman from Duke University and Paul Uhlir from the US National Academies on Global Intellectual Property Strategies for Accessing and Using Essential Public Knowledge Assets.