2013 Biotech & Standards Conference Participant: Iain M. Cockburn

Iain M. Cockburn
Richard C. Shipley Professor in Management, School of Management, Boston University

Iain M. Cockburn teaches and performs research in the areas of business strategy, intellectual property, economics of innovation, and management of high technology companies.

Professor Cockburn graduated from the University of London in 1984, and completed his PhD in economics at Harvard University in 1990. Prior to coming to BU, he was the Van Dusen Professor of Business Administration in the Faculty of Commerce at the University of British Columbia. He is a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is a former Associate Editor of Management Science and Coeditor of the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy.

Professor Cockburn is published widely in leading journals in economics and management. Among his most highly cited papers are “Measuring Competence: Exploring Firm Effects in Pharmaceutical Research” in Strategic Management Journal, “Generics and New Goods in Pharmaceutical Price Indexes” in American Economic Review, “Racing to Invest? The Dynamics of Competition in Ethical Drug Discovery” in the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, “Scale, Scope, and Spillovers: Determinants of Research Productivity in the Pharmaceutical Industry” in the RAND Journal of Economics, “Absorptive Capacity, Coauthoring Behavior, and the Organization of Research in Drug Discovery” in the Journal of Industrial Economics, and “The Changing Structure of the Pharmaceutical Industry” in Health Affairs.