2013 Biotech & Standards Conference Panelist: Carolyn Compton

Carolyn Compton
Professor of Life Sciences, Arizona State University

Carolyn Compton, M.D., Ph.D., is an academic pathologist specializing in gastrointestinal disease and is board certified in both anatomic and clinical pathology.  She is a Professor of Life Sciences at Arizona State University, an Adjunct Professor of Pathology at both the University of Arizona and Johns Hopkins and a Research Associate at the Mayo Clinic. She is the Chief Medical and Science Officer of the National Biomarkers Development Alliance, a member of the Biodesign Institute and the Complex Adaptive Systems Initiative.  She is a former Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School, Chief of Gastrointestinal Pathology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Pathologist-in-Chief of the Boston Shriners Children’s Hospital.  More recently she has served as the CEO and President of the Critical Path Institute (2012), the Director of Biorespositories and Biospecimen Research at the National Cancer Institute (2005-2011), and the Strathcona Professor and Chair of the Department of Pathology at McGill University and Pathologist-in-Chief of the McGill University Health Center (2000-2005).