2013 Biotechnology & Standards Conference: The Prospects for a Life Science Standards Revolution

On behalf of GBSI and MIT-CBI, thank you to all who attended our 2013 Biotechnology & Standards Conference on October 1, 2013 and made it such an incredible success! We also wish to thank all of our excellent panelists, our insightful keynote speaker, and of course, our knowledgeable and highly-involved audience. For those who already asked, we will be preparing a blog summary of the event in the coming days as well as an official workshop summary in the coming weeks (so stay tuned). Standards are used in all areas of life science research and are critical to assure the quality and safety of biomanufactured research tools, diagnostics, and therapeutics. Standards also have the potential to enhance research productivity, limit duplication and facilitate future biomedical innovation.This groundbreaking conference identified key opportunities for standards in life sciences research, encouraged more systematic evaluation of the role that standards might play, and initiated the formation of a community committed to the development of robust and meaningful standard-setting in the life sciences going forward.

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Opening Remarks by Dr. Leonard Freedman, President, GBSI

Keynote Address by Dr. Raymond Cypess, President, ATCC