Biomanufacturing@CBI focuses on advancing technology, training, and knowledge networks in biomanufacturing with the overarching goal of assuring safe, timely, and efficient production and delivery of biologic medicines.

Home to two biomanufacturing-focused consortia, the Biomanufacturing Consortium (BioMAN), and the Consortium on Adventitious Agent Contamination in Biomanufacturing (CAACB), as well as multiple biomanufacturing Research Projects and Education Initiatives, our efforts are intended to advance the state of the art and help educate the next generation of leaders in biomanufacturing.

NEW Drug Development ParaDIGmS (NEWDIGS)

The New Drug Development Paradigms program (NEWDIGS) focuses on transforming the current global pharmaceutical innovation ecosystem to more reliably and sustainably deliver new, better, affordable drugs to the right patients faster. System re-engineering projects are designed and executed with input from industry; regulators from US, Europe, Singapore, and Canada; payers and health technology assessment officials; providers, patients, and academic researchers from MIT, Harvard and other leading academic institutions.

BioACCESS: A Global Health Initiative

BioACCESS aims to enable global access to biotherapeutics, especially for non-communicable diseases in resource-constrained settings, through innovative approaches to systems analysis, technology development, policy design, and education. Specifically, we are working to identify systemic barriers preventing access, develop innovations that are fit-for-purpose, and empower a new generation of leaders to meet the challenges ahead.