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BioACCESS: A Global Health Initiative

Within the BioACCESS program, we are conducting research to better understand the growing need for and barriers to safe, effective, and affordable health services in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), especially biologic therapies for chronic, non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Today, close to 70% of deaths globally are due to NCDs, with LMICs bearing a disproportionally higher burden of both new and preventable deaths.

Our research focuses on building analytical tools that can help promote more equitable access to biologic products, especially those on the World Health Organization (WHO) Model List of Essential Medicines (e.g. monoclonal antibodies such as Trastuzumab and recombinant proteins such as insulin). Since barriers can arise across the entire biologics value chain – individual patients, local service providers, national health systems, and globally – our multidisciplinary, systems approach aims to systematically identify and analyze supply-side and demand-side levers that impact access. This will inform future areas of research aimed at designing appropriate, data-driven policies and innovations for sustained access to biologic therapies.